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Q’AJA dresses people to suit their personalities and  environment to achieve the best success.

The full styling service as used by top businessmen and celebrities includes:

  • Colour analysis.
  • Fabric analysis.
  • Business environment analysis.
  • Social environment analysis.
  • Current wardrobe analysis.
  • Full fitting session.

Are you ready to make an impact in your life!


Ian Wright getting measured for some stylish suits & golf clothing.

“I love the subtle twist in Q’aja clothes, makes you a cut above others” IW

Ian Wright  Ian Wright  Ian Wright


Ashley Walters dressing up for that special occasion.

“As an urban music guy I have never felt comfortable in suits, but Q’aja created some oufits for me that felt great in my enviroment” AW

Ashley Walters  Ashley Walters  Ashley Walters


Darren Campbell trying on his wedding suit with his best man, footballer Nathan Blake.

“I first had the Q experience at the Olympics where they did the suits. I was so impressed that there was only going to be one tailor that was going to do my wedding outfits, Thanks Q’aja” DC

 Darren Campbell  Darren Campbell  Darren Campbell  Darren Campbell


Darren Clarke having a fitting and styling session.

“Q’aja reinvented me. I never thought that big guys could look good, but the makeover transformed me on the golf course as well as off it” DC

Darren Clarke  Darren Campbell  Darren Campbell  


Matt Dawson creating some noticeable outfits for his media work.

“I have fun in my job and its important that the clothes reflect I am enjoying myself. Q’aja understands my needs”MD

Matt Dawson  Matt Dawson  Matt Dawson


Lee Westwood during a photo session for Golf Punk by the great photographer Steve Read.

“I like the little twists on classic looks that Q’aja creates. Its amasing how many people comment on those subtle details” LW

Lee Westwood


Richard Green enjoying his styling session and having fun between rounds at the British Maters.

“Q’aja clothes give me the feel good factor when I am preparing to play golf. I use to be known as ‘Chino Man’ but now I can get into the fashion stakes” RG

Richard Green  Richard Green  Richard Green